Lightweight Water Pump

Phenix is pleased to announce our new 4lb 2oz lightweight water pump is available for immediate purchase. Each 20 gpm water pump comes with the necessary electrical wiring. Optional mounting brackets are also available for purchase separately

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Like any other quality mechanical device, proper installation and maintenance of the pump will provide a long life of worry-free performance. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

A dirty cooling system will not only damage the pump, but it does not remove heat as efficiently from the engine. Particles suspended in the coolant (rust, dirt, machining residue, etc.) have been known to prematurely wear impellers, and cause seal failure. Flush the entire cooling system before installing the pump. This should be done after any modifications to the cooling system (changing fittings, hoses, etc.), as those modifications can loosen dirt and rust in the engine, heater core, or radiator. It is always good practice to flush the radiator after the vehicle has been sitting for more than four weeks.

Always install the pump so that it can drain completely when the cooling system is drained. This will help rid the pump of dirt and debris, and will help prevent freeze problems in the winter.